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It's December 4th, International Cheetah Day!

Today is the day when all of us passionate artists come together to raise awareness around the world about the endangered cheetah!

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In this feature you will find information about cheetahs and endangerment, fantastic art features, and a highlight on the International Cheetah Day Challenge, an art awareness-raising project!

View all of the art created for this year's ICDC here!

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We would like to welcome you to International Cheetah Day by inviting you to watch Jeff Corwin's introductory message!

What is a cheetah?

:bulletblue: The cheetah is the fastest land animal, capable of accelerating from 0-60 miles per hour in only three seconds.  It's top speed has been recorded as 70mph!  A single stride of the cheetah's run can be over 20 feet long, and it can take five strides per second!
:bulletyellow: It is the smallest of the big cats, but it has a couple of differences from the rest of them: it cannot roar, and its claws are only semi-retractable.
:bulletblue: The cheetah is designed for high-speed chases in every way, it's heart, liver, and lungs being three times larger than those of a lion in relation to their body size!  It also has enlarged sinuses and can take up to 150 breaths per minute.
:bulletyellow: Cheetahs have incredible eyesight and are able to see clear details up to three miles away!  They use this ability when hunting their prey in the vast savannahs of Africa.

Cheetah (female) by PittuMcflurry Mother's love by 00Tiger00 Cheetah 18 by Alannah-Hawker cheetah by FRANCKCAMHI sitting cheetah by TlCphotography730

Why is the cheetah endangered?

:bulletblack: Cheetahs have been captured and kept as pets worldwide since antiquity and were used in sport hunting the way dogs are used today across two continents.  India captured all of its cheetahs for this purpose, and they are now extinct there and the rest of Asia.
:bulletred: In the 1900's farmers in Africa began blaming cheetahs for the deaths of livestock and killed them whenever possible.  The cheetah population dropped from 100,000 in 1900 to just 2,500 in 1990.
:bulletblack: Due to the efforts of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre and other conservation groups, the wild cheetah population has risen to almost 10,000 in the last 20 years.
:bulletred: Cheetahs are still at risk for extinction due to low genetic diversity, decreasing habitats and food sources, and continued hunting by humans.

Learn more about cheetahs and endangerment here!

And for a special treat, here is a live video stream of cheetah cubs born on October 6th at the Richmond Zoo!

Click the image above to be redirected to the video page!

Feline Runs_1 by Sigmanilla Cheetah by cassmb01 Comfort zone--Cheetah by cheungchungtat The Look Out by 5Happy5 Cheetah-Dawn by Fuz-Caforio-Art

How can we help save the cheetah?

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There are many ways to get involved in cheetah conservation!  The first step is to get connected with a conservation group.  One of the largest cheetah conservation efforts you can join is the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

What is the Cheetah Conservation Fund?

:bulletwhite: The CCF is a non-profit organization that works to protect the cheetah and ensure its future on the earth!  They are in their 23rd year of operation and have partners worldwide to support the conservation effort.  They take regular censuses of the cheetahs left in the wild using camera traps, and they rescue hundreds of orphaned cheetah cubs and release them back into the wild whenever possible!  They educate farmers and other people who share their homeland with cheetahs and have provided a guard dog program so farmers can keep their livestock safe from any predator.  They are working to restore the natural habitats of cheetahs by stopping the bush encroachment on the savannahs and have created an international market for bush-based products.
:bulletblack: The CCF was recently struck by lightning and they lost their entire Visitor's Center, which housed many irreplaceable educational materials.  In the wake of this recent catastrophe they are not discouraged, and are rebuilding and ready for International Cheetah Day 2013!

Click the image above to read about the fire and the rebuilding of CCF!

Watch the CCF's YouTube page for their special ICD State of the Cheetah broadcast!

Cheetah in the Jungle by allison731 Running in the Wrong Direction by Discher Cheetah by Silver-Mercy Cheetah by MeowMeowClan

What can I do to help?

:bulletgreen: Use social media to spread the word!  On Twitter and Tumblr, use hashtag #SavetheCheetah and #IntlCheetahDay to share information about the cheetah with the world outside of deviantART!  Get cheetahs trending!  Also, download images from CCF's ICD page to share on your Facebook, Twitter, and other pages!  And psst!  For those of you who didn't have time to make art, you can upload one of their infographics today to take part!
:bulletblue: Sell your cheetah art and donate money to a conservation group! :D  We have all of this fantastic art submitted for the ICDC to raise awareness, and you could take the next step and sell that art and give money toward actually saving a cheetah!
:bulletgreen: Start fundraisers within your school or community!  If you're in the younger age group, you can get ideas for raising awareness from Kids4Cheetahs at the CCF.
:bulletblue: You can purchase items from the CCF store or other conservation groups such as calendars, posters, books, clothing, DVDs, or even the CCF's new wine label, and the proceeds all go toward conservation!
:bulletgreen: You can sponsor a Livestock Guard Dog through the CCF or the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre, which helps reduce human killing of cheetahs!
:bulletblue: You can sponsor an individual cheetah through any conservation group or simply make a donation to save all wild cheetahs!

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We have talked a lot about the Cheetah Conservation Fund, but any conservation group is worthy of your time and money in the effort of cheetah conservation.  Saving an endangered species is a joint effort--not something that a single group can accomplish, but something that will take the collaboration of everyone, from the CCF's hard work to the child selling lemonade to raise money.  However you choose to be involved, anything you do to help save the cheetahs will make a difference!

Chase of Cheetahs by MorkelErasmus Cheetahs by Zintax-the-cat On Alert by Emzie92 4 Cheetahs walking by tanzafari three musketeers by serhatdemiroglu

Informational Links

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There are countless conservation groups throughout the world, and it would be impossible to list them all here.  These are some of the more well known groups (you can find more on our About Us page), and we hope that you will take a moment to look into one of these groups and do your part to help save the cheetah!

:bulletpurple: Cheetah Conservation Fund :bulletorange: Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre :bulletpurple: Iranian Cheetah Society :bulletorange: Cheetah Preservation Foundation :bulletpurple: Friends of the Masai Mara :bulletorange: Endangered Speedster of the African Wild :bulletpurple: Cheetah Outreach :bulletorange: Dell Cheetah Centre :bulletpurple: Cause An Uproar! :bulletorange:

The Last Leg by LionGrrl Cheetah Papercraft by Odolwa5432 Cheetah for the contest 2 by Kivuli Crochet Cheetah Amigurumi by ShadowOrder7

The International Cheetah Day Challenge!

What is the ICDC?

:bulletorange: The International Cheetah Day Challenge is today: the successful raising of awareness about cheetah endangerment through art!
:bulletpurple: The simple idea of the challenge was that if there was a massive influx of cheetah art to deviantART on one day, people would take notice!  If you found this journal through cheetah art, then you are witness to the success of the International Cheetah Day Challenge!
:bulletorange: Hundreds of deviants have come together on this one day to show their support for saving cheetahs by spending their time to create art.  They do not get anything out of this except the satisfaction of knowing they have helped raise awareness for an endangered species.  You can view the art created for the challenge here at Save-The-Cheetah in our challenge folder in our gallery.  Also, take time to look at the fantastic art created for last year's ICDC!
:bulletpurple: When we work together, we can accomplish great things.  Today we have used our creative talents to make a difference in the world for cheetahs.  Imagine what more we can do when we come together as a community of not only artists, but people who care about protecting the world we live in!

5122 by kmotsko Cheetah by SheltieWolf Eye of the...Cheetah by TheRiddikulusNerd Born to run by woody1981 Detestation by ErlendK

Thanks to Our Supporters!

The International Cheetah Day Challenge would not have been possible without the generous response and support from the deviantART community!  Here follows a list of all* Deviants and Groups who helped promote the ICDC!

Very Special Thanks to the following Deviants and Groups!

:iconanimalsoftheworld: - Promoted with two journals and contest!  Contest runs for a couple weeks, go check it out!
:iconnationalyarnographic: Promoted with two journals!
:iconthe-smile-giver: - Promoted on Tumblr and created a base for other artists to use for their drawings!
:iconmiyeong: - Promoted with a custom box on their page!
:iconlintu47: - Promoted with a poll on their page!
:icontinywild: - Promoted with a custom box on their page!

Thanks to the following Groups and Deviants who promoted the ICDC with Journal features!

:iconendangeredinc: :iconendangered-animals: :iconhelp-the-animals: :iconartisticanimals: :icongrands-felins: :iconanimal-anatomy: :iconexotic-cats: :iconanimal-city: :iconfalling-species: :iconanimals-react: :iconallstuffandstuff: :iconinspiredartistsunite: :iconlionlovers: :iconnaturalworldartists: :iconwildphotographyclub: :iconwhatsurroundsus: :icondevnews: :iconsense-create-lnspire: :icondeviants-anti-cruel: :icondevnews: :iconcometogetherproject: :iconfeaturechallenge: :iconunframed-nature: :iconprotect-wildlife: :iconanimalsoftheworld: :iconthe-hidden-key: :iconnationalyarnographic: :iconthe-cheetah-archive: :iconteam-le-rawr: :iconsave-the-felines: :iconcheetree: :iconeembuc1000: :iconhobopanda: :icontaniaav: :icontanikel: :iconcutekoi2903: :iconfelinar: :iconthe-smile-giver: :iconmadameshadowenn: :iconmiyeong: :iconnekohime07: :iconzshellart: :iconezradeacon: :iconfay-the-ice-angel: :iconthe-smile-giver: :iconnollit: :icondarksoul4life: :iconpearwood: :iconstormninjakapow: :iconallesiathehedge: :iconmidnight-sun-art: :iconduchess-of-dismal: :iconhigh-horizon: :iconmikhailommx:

*If you did not receive a personal "thank you" message from bcbdrums it means your support was not found.  Please link to it here and your name will be added to the featured list!  If another form of support was overlooked, please inform us so we may feature you too!  If your journal was written on or after December 4th it is included in the ICDC gallery rather than listed here.  Blog is updated regularly.

Thank you for taking the time to support cheetah conservation!

More Journal Entries

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We love to affiliate with other groups dedicated to the conservation of endangered species, and other cheetah groups of course! Feel free to suggest new affiliates to any of the admins.




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Welcome to Save-The-Cheetah! We are a group dedicated to raising awareness about the endangered Cheetah and helping to give to the cause when we can! Visit our About Us page to learn more!


Please read all of the rules before submitting art! Thank you.

Behavior & Membership:

:bulletyellow: Membership is open to anyone, just click the join button!
:bulletyellow: Please be courteous to members and admins at all times, no matter the situation. If you are found to be discourteous, you will receive up to three warnings, the ultimate penalty being removal from the group.
:bulletyellow: No arguing with admins about the rules. They are what they are, and if you cannot accept them, find another group. And remember that the Founder has final say on all rules.

Art Submissions: The Basics

:bulletgreen: Only five submissions per day to the main gallery. Submissions to favorites will be unlimited. Submissions are voted on by admins before accepted.
:bulletgreen: Please submit to the correct folder. If you do not, your piece will be declined and you will be asked to resubmit.
:bulletgreen: Be descriptive in your deviation description! More specifically, if you are submitting a photo, state if it was taken in the wild or at a zoo/preserve. If you don't say otherwise, we will assume the photo was taken in captivity.
:bulletgreen: Mature content in the form of violence will be permitted, as long as it is not overly gory (essentially, no organs or entrails showing; blood, muscle, and bone is permissible). If the admins feel your piece requires a mature content censor for the gore, we will request you add one before the piece can be accepted. No sexual content in any form will be permitted. Foul language within a deviation will not be permitted. The admins decide what is foul and what isn't.

Art Submissions: Content

:bulletorange: Every piece of art submitted to either the gallery or favorites must contain a cheetah. The cheetah does not have to be the focal point of the piece, but it should figure prominently. We will decline pieces that just have a tiny cheetah in one corner, or something like that.
:bulletorange: Be respectful to cheetahs in your art. This is a serious group that seeks to honor cheetahs. Pieces that depict them either grossly unrealistically or simply incorrectly will be declined. For example, if you submit a bright pink cheetah, this will be declined. A cheetah with the anatomy of a tiger will be declined. Please, be accurate. Cheetahs with human hair or other human features will be declined. Which leads to the next rule...
:bulletorange: No anthro, and no OC spam. Sorry, this isn't a group to promote your OC, and it's certainly not about sexualizing animals. It's a group about cheetah conservation. This doesn't mean you can never submit your OC; as long as it is tasteful and does reverence to the cheetah in both anatomy and the situation it is depicted in, it may be accepted.
:pointr: No pictures of cheetahs with other animal features, such as wings, horns, beaks, or otherwise. No animal hybrids either. Again, this group is about honoring the cheetah as it is.
:pointr: No literature about sentient cheetahs (basically, your OC) will be accepted.
:pointr: We do understand and allow for creative license in terms of the stylizing of your cheetahs in your artistic vision. But the overall rule to remember is that this group is about cheetah conservation. We're not here to advertise for you or show off your OC. Try the-cheetah-archive instead for that.

:bulletorange: Literature and poetry that figures cheetahs prominently will be accepted, as long as it's not just OC fiction (see above). Literature about conservation will of course be accepted.

:bulletblue: Some pieces that were submitted long ago which don't completely adhere to the new rules are being permitted to stay in the group, out of respect to the previous group owners and their rules; other pieces, however, which fell too far outside of the new rules have been removed.
:bulletblue: It's always possible that exceptions might be made to some of the rules, depending on the artistic vision of a piece. You are always free to ask us if an exception can be made.
:bulletblue: If you see a deviation in the wrong folder, please let us know so we can put it where it belongs. This is especially important for the Wild and Captivity Photos folders.
:bulletblue: If you ever have a question about anything, please send a note to the group and an admin will answer it promptly!

Group Info

Welcome to Save-The-Cheetah! This is a serious group, the goal of which is to raise awareness about the endangered big cat, the cheetah, and to provide aid in any way possible to further the cause of saving the species! Please visit our About Us page for access to some helpful links, and to learn more!
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